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DateAuctionAuction nameInformation
25.06.2020 14:00Catalog 338
Gold strucks from all over the World | German Coins after 1871 | Russian Coins and Medals - The Collection from a nordic lawyer, a. o.
22.06.2020 14:00Catalog 337
Schleswig-Holstein - The Dr Hergen Boyksen| Coins from Lippe | Coins and Medals from Medieval and Modern Times, a. o. Bavaria and the Dr Werner Oschmann Collection
20.03.2020 10:00Catalog 336
Gold coins from all over the World, German Coins after 1871
19.03.2020 10:00Catalog 335 part 2
Germany: Saxony - Wurzburg, Medals, Lots, Habsburg, Europe, Oversea
18.03.2020 10:00Catalog 335 part 1
Medieval Time, Bracteats, Germany: Aachen – Rostock
17.03.2020 14:00Catalog 334
The Samel Collection of Jewish Coins and Medals
17.03.2020 10:00Catalog 333 part 2
Roman Coins (from Maximinus I Thrax), Great Migration, Byzantium, Crusader, Orientals
16.03.2020 10:00Catalog 333 part 1
The Dr. W. R. Collection, part 4 Greek Coins, Celtic Coins, Greek, Coins Roman Coins (until Severus Alexander)


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